DM : Will Do Everything Possible To Fulfill The Dreams Of Artists

Dr birendra prasad yadav

Bhojpur: A cultural program cum prize distribution function was organized on the main stage of the five-day Bhojpur Natya Festival-2013 held in every Prasad Das Jain School premises under the auspices of Bharatpur Theater. In this, teams from different regions of the country gave their presentations. The program was inaugurated by the Bhojpuri Lok Rasa Rang of Dhobaha, Divya Bhaskar Public School. Then the Sangam, Bhavani Patna, Orissa, Oriya Lok Dances, ‘Kanglai Lingav Art’, Kangla, Manipur Manipuri Folk Dance ‘Jogoi’, Mast Dance Group, Aara ‘Shiv Tandav’, Katihar School of Drama, Katihar Folk dance ‘Lawani’, Dance is Life, Aara group dance, Rabindra Indian Cultural Association, Orissa folk dance, Sankhn Nat Shala Indore presented the dance by Western Dance, Vishva Bharti Forum, Dalmiyanagar. Passenger Hat, Orissa and Medha Kolkata presented the song. Mohanindro, the drumming drum player of Kanglai Linghig Art, Manipur, impressed the audience by playing a drum. It is known that in an accident in 2000, Mohindro lost both his hands. Tie wood by sticking wood in half hands.

At the same venue, the District Collector and President of the Festival, Dr. Birendra Prasad yadav , the District Magistrate, presented the winners to the winners organized at the national level. On this occasion, said that the artists who come to the event from different fields have their own culture. I would try to complete the dream of whatever artists who want to move forward in the art field, as much as possible. He said that any artist who has become a winner should not be more happy. Because this is a very small win. Right now you have to move forward and win. A souvenir was published on this occasion on the occasion. It was released jointly.

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  1. Great said by Dr Birendra Prasad Yadav.

  2. Dr Birendra Yadav is such a nice person.

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