DM Bihar : Dainik Jagaran’s Attempt Is Commendable

Bhojpur : District Magistrate Dr. Birendra Prasad yadav said that the mission of Dainik Jagran is very commendable for one crore plants. The more appreciated the initiative of the Jagran in the activities of social concern, it is less. To keep the plants planted in this campaign with equal readiness and awareness, people of all sections need to remain conscious so that the plants can be saved.

Sadar MLA Dr. Anwar Alam said that campaign to get Dakshin Jagran’s planting and tree-saving efforts to save the trees is a significant initiative towards saving the greenery, which is definitely welcome. He said that the next generation will get the benefits of pure air and nature between the lush green plants. Which will be auspicious work by all of us?

Forest Department Assured The Cooperation: Ranger Purshottam Singh of Forest Department appreciated the campaign of Dainik Jagran and said that the Forest Department will cooperate as much as possible in this campaign. The tree has become valuable for your life. It can be saved with the cooperation of all.

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